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Cargo & Transportation ]&[ Logistics

At Arsalan Shahir Logistics Services we supply best quality products to our clinets and at our Cargo and Transportation Services we work hand in hand with our clients so that their merchandise always reach their destination in the best possible way and within the specified timeframe.


AS Logistics is one of our major companies in Afghanistan and international market working with embassies, big companies and Governments and suppling high quality products.


AS Cargo and Transportation Solution is the most preferred choice for any type of freight services such as inbound and outbound, airfreight, sea freight, and road freights. Our emphasis on premier service and attention to detail will take us in one of the top 10 international movers of country in the future. To ensure our continues success, we have beefed-up our service portfolio to ensure we achieve service excellence in our day-to-day dealings with our customers. Our core values of business is commitment to careful and timely handling of goods with minimum cost While others ‘talk’ about quality, We at AS Cargo and Transportation Solution ‘LIVE’ it. Our Quality Policy has helped our business through rough waters and helped keep past clients our current clients to this day and in fast, we are proud to lay claim to the AS Cargo and Transportation Solution as your business partner, you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your logistic needs are in competent hands. Our Vision to ensure quality-shipping services taking care of your precious resources ensure always that your cargo is to be delivered in short span of time at priority.


We export and supply Afghan dried , fresh fruit, Marbles and other products to international market. we import and supply high quality technical products, fuel, food and other products to our supplies inside Afghanistan.

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