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Arsalan Shahir 
Import and Export

Arsalan Shahir Import and Export (ASIE) is an Afghanistan National Trading and Logistics Company which was established in Afghanistan in 2018 under Arsalan Shahir General Services Group.
Arsalan Shahir Import and Export (ASIE) is a Non-Political and Non-Governmental Trade and Logistic Company, registered with Ministry of Commerce.
The firm provided services in different governmental, non-government organizations and privately owned at the local and international level.

We Import

Arsalan Shahir Import and Export company is importing and supply technical accessories, food and construction materials .


Optic Fiber Cables

We import and supply all type of optic fiber cables from top brands of the world


FTTx Accessories 

We import, Supply and Install all types of FTTx project accesories. 


Optic Fiber Testing macchines

We import, supply and rent all type of testing machines accessories for Fiber optic project from top brands


Optic Fiber Cable Joint Closures 

We import, Supply and install all type of joint closures for OFC projects. 


Splicing machines for  OFC

We import, Supply and rent all type of splicing machines. 


Telecom  projects all accessories 

We import and supply SDHs, FDHs, ODFs, Media converters, Patch cords, connectors and many more.

We Export

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