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About Us

Formed in the early 2018, by a group of well-experienced individuals with Technology, Marketing, Construction, Trade, Consulting and Accounting backgrounds, we have grown in to a diverse professional services company with a global client base. 

Led by Group heading by Managing Director Mohammad Khalid, who himself has over 20 years Business management and Accounting experience, each of our key executives have significant experience in their chosen fields, which in the majority of cases is coupled with extensive hands-on knowledge and capability.
Working together as a team the entire group is able to offer and provide unswerving commitment to each of the projects we undertake. Indeed this ethos extends all the way through our activities and staff members.
At each of our primary operating locations, you will find a small but specialized team of design, development and support professionals. Since our inception we have enjoyed a near zero-rate staff turnover, offering and assuring ongoing continuity for client relationships.
While initially, they may seem unrelated, our specialist fields of Marketing, Design, Implementation, Services and Technology, continually become more and more intertwined, and as complete usage and reliance increases, so too does the inter-relation between our fields of expertise.
Over the years, we have assisted a variety of businesses from auditors, to multi-national manufacturers. From social clubs to vacation villa rentals. From small private companies to multi-national publicly listed corporations.
Indeed, by far and above, the greater percentage of our ongoing business is the result of personal recommendations from our existing client base. A privilege and compliment that we are extremely proud of.
For the near future, we will remain a privately held company and enjoy good financial standing with a proven record of accomplishment in our industry sector.

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Massage From President


During the last few years, we have transformed our business, changing the way we do things; I see that as a major strategic leap forward. We are asking our people to make the best decisions for the Group as a whole, not just their little part of it.
That is important because the thrust of our activity has been to view the business in a much more global way. Our aim is to pull together our worldwide strength in order to service both stable and growth markets, within existing or
new customers.
Our customers are now seeing the benefits of our working as a global team and each day we look forward to meeting new opportunities and challenges.

Mohammad Khalid Zurmati


What We Are About


To Strengthen AS Group with distinctive strategy planning.
To Strengthen relationship with local and oversea partners with the same target and win-win cooperation.
To Strengthen relationship with staffs like family, support and
develop their professional skills and having a better life.

To be an iconic corporate and devour to social responsibility.


We aim to be a leading development corporation that builds ourselves as well as our nation, always contributing to a greater society in creating new opportunities and values with respect, integrity, honesty and morals.


We Arsalan Shahir, is a General Services Company. We are one of the largest Services Providing Company in Afghanistan.
We built our business by choosing people first, going big on service, deep on technology and all-in on partnerships.

Meet Board of Directors

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